Our Services

Sharjah Government Scholarships

Our team will help Emirati students to apply for Sharjah Government scholarships to study at the University of Sharjah or the American University of Sharjah. We will share the instructions and required documents for this application. The scholarship also includes UAE resident students whose parents work in the Government of Sharjah.

University Applications and Scholarships

Our team can help you apply to universities and find a suitable scholarship abroad in your desired field. We can direct you toward the right path that matches your research interest and qualification to find a well reputed University to embrace your talent and suits your level. Whether you are looking for information on BSc, MSc and PhD program Reach and provide us with the relevant information and our team will take care of the rest.

Writing Services

An excellent writing skills is essential in your research and academic journey. Whether it is report, research paper, or a dissertation, our advisors will review your manuscript and edit it to the best possible version. The service but not limited to fixing the following:
  • Incorrect grammar, punctuation, capitalization and spelling.
  • Missing, repeated, or unnecessary words.
  • Consistency or usage issues in units, numbers, and symbols.
  • Layout issues in figures, tables, and graphical elements.
  • Referencing errors in the APA, Chicago, IEEE, and other styles


Our experts have worth of decades of experience in various research fields that included academic teaching and real technical applications.This experience can be easily translated to workshops and training courses to Engineers, researchers, and professionals in the relevant fields. We will update you on the upcoming workshops and training sessions.

Admission exams

Our experts can help you apply and prepare for many admission exams such as EmSAT, TOEFL, ILETS and GRE. Such exams are essential to evaluate student’s abilities to gain admission in the university. We will ensure that students are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively excel in the applied test. We can provide studying material and general guidance for you to pass in the exam and obtain the score you deserve.

Assist in Research

Our team can help you conduct your research by providing resources to your research topic. Also, our team can assist in choosing the proper methodology to approach your research whether it is numerical experimental and explain basic terms and aspects of research papers such as the methodology, data collection and data analysis. Feel free to reach us if you have any enquiry regarding your research task.